Avobis Group – Employer Branding Video

Avobis Group is a large real estate service provider in Switzerland with expertise in various fields in the industry. To give some of the employees a possibility to speak about their employment, this project was called to life. Finish: Winter 2022/2023 Goal: Making...


Journey to Healing – Moon Pyramid

Not far from the Bosnian capital lies the valley of the Pyramids. These lands have many special things about them. One thing is for sure: People go there for healing. Finish: Summer 2022 Goal: Capture a summer adventure Scope: Complete Project - From capture to...

Showcase VideosVideography

ETH Entrepreneurship – Caterra

Caterra is a start-up and ETH Spin off that develops a complex crop protection solution that replaces hand weeding. Finish: Fall 2022 Goal: The goal of the project was to explain to students and others, in a simple manner, what Caterra developed and connect...


Tele Züri TV Spot – Klapperlapapp

Klapperlapapp is a unique family experience provider in Switzerland. Throughout the season it hosts various live events, with magical story tellers, musicians and much more. For a special event in Zürich, a TV ad was needed to spread the news of the event. The Base...


Drum and Dance – Saffainsel

Drum and Dance Zürich is a live event series where drums and other instruments are played by a professional team of drummers. The live music creates a surprising space full of energy to dance. Finish: Fall 2022 Goal: Create an immersive perspective into the...



Capture important moments and make them stay alive long after the event. Not only does this require the eye for the moment but a certain flair for people. Bringing the two together is part of the belighted experience.


2022 Drone Recap

Show your audience a different perspective with moving drone shots from above. Depending on the project this can be combined with ground footage to make the viewing experience even more immersive.


KlappTV Show

Klapperlapapp is a unique family experience provider in Switzerland. To enrich the digital children and family entertainment in Switzerland, KlapperlapappTV was created. The first complete season features 13 episodes, which are available for free on OnePlus....


Dr Linde – Storytelling Videos

Dr Linde is a well-known beauty doctor based in Switzerland, specialized in minimal-invasive treatments. Finish: 2020 - 2022 (Multiple Videos) Goal: Document the journey of individual customers during their treatment. Scope: Complete Project Still want to know more...